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Our mid-April installment of Ask Matty is in and’s marketing manager Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich talks Mega Bloks, prices increases, create-a-character and, of course, Masters of the Universe Classics.

Pop Critica:
With the acquisition of Mega Bloks, have you considered cross-pollinating Mini-Masters (or MOTU) over to that play-pattern or are they doing well as they are now?

That would be a cool idea, but nothing like this is planned right now.

Pop Critica: 
Have you considered including/designing PoP and New Adventures’ variants’ accessories with other figures given they might not see release as a fun 2-for-1 bundle? i.e. Hoove includes Extendar’s limb extensions, plus alt helmet and blaster to create the “Too Tall Hoove.”

We have done this a bit in the past such as the unmasked Zodak head with Strobo, so anything is possible!

Pop Critica: 
Just to manage budget and expectations, do you have a price range in mind for Club Eternia 2015 offerings? Beasts, two-packs, single-carded etc?

Prices will absolutely go up in 2015. How much and what the break out will be will be revealed at our SDCC panel.

Pop Critica: 
Unless there are additional non-sub items not revealed for 2015, I count two open slots in 2015 after vintage MOTU and PoP are completed. Can you say where the characters filling these slots originate from? Mini-Comics? FilMation? Powers Of Grayskull? Son of He-Man?

No we cannot. You will need to wait and see!

Pop Critica: 
Create-A-Character runner-up Ra-Jar’s design entry has recently seen circulation, and would be an incredible addition to the line now that he debuted in the mini-comic. Would he be able to be produced exactly as he appeared in the contest entry? It’s such an amazing design that already incorporates significant buck and part re-use.

No plans right now for a Ra-Jar, but now that he has appeared in a mini comic he is no longer just a “Create a Character runner up” but is a mini comic character and could potentially be a figure one day. What that figure looks like and comes with is not yet on the drawing board as no fig is planned right now.

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