Ask Jakks: May 1, 2015 Edition

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We kick off the inaugural Ask Jakks q and a with brand manager Scott Neithlich of Jakks Pacific answering our questions about articulation in Jakks’ 20-inch Star Wars Big Fig line, scale in their World of Nintendo line and the possibility of a life-size R2-D2 toybox.

Pop Critica:
You mentioned the size of the Nintendo items was meant to be complimentary from line to line so they would be in scale with one another at the Toy Fair media event. The Metroid you showed was pretty large. Is that Metroid supposed to be a Big / Super Metroid for a 6-inch Samus figure or will it be a regular metroid for a yet-to-be revealed 20-inch Samus?

Technically that Metroid is supposed to be in scale for the 4” line and the 6” line. We do agree that a slightly larger Samus would be appropriate and in time we may be able to get him into the 6” line to make her more compatible with the 6” Metroid. There are no plans (at this time) for a 20” Samus (as cool as that would be!!!)

Pop Critica: 
There was a lot buzz surrounding the deco’ed up Sandtrooper. When you identify the means to deliver these types of collector quality figures what other things can we expect? Is there any room for pre-posed switch-out limbs or even additional articulation, which would not be feasible on the retail front?

These are all features we are exploring. It is fantastic that collectors are embracing the JAKKS BIG FIGS 20” line and our goal in time is to make these figures appeal to both kids, parents and do a line with the detail, features and character level that collectors want. We don’t have confirmed plans right this moment, but as a collector myself and a HUGE Star Wars toy fan, it is something hot on my plate!

Pop Critica: 
The electronic R2 prototype looked awesome. Any chance you’d consider doing a 1:1 scale one similar to the TMNT turtles that could double as a toy box / storage space as an homage to the Toy Toter version from the ’80s (that sells for a fortune by the way)?

Something like this is not out of the question, but we don’t have any specific plans right now. Many times an exact execution like this would come down to our rights with the property (which for Star Wars are focused on action figures in the 20”/18”, 31” and 48” scales. Storage boxes are not currently in JAKKS Star Wars license.

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