Articulated Icons: Feudal Series Kickstarter Has Launched

The Fwoosh have launched their first Kickstarter for their new Articulated Icon: The Feudal Series action figures. These highly articulated 6″ Ninja action figures are the first in this new collectible line, but before they can expand they need your help. The Kickstarter is seeking a funding goal of $160,000. The first pledge with a figure being offered is at $35 for a Basic Ninja, in either black or red. Both figures come with the following: zukin masked head; balaclava masked head, hood up & hood down parts; sash & belt loop scabbard holder; fists, grip hands & chop hands; kunai (throwing knife); plus a katana (long sword) and wakizashi (short sword) with sheathes. The project will end on October 7th, funded or not. So if you are interested in adding some really cool looking Ninja to your collection, maybe as Hand Ninja for your Marvel Legends, or as combatants for another line, then head on over and check out the Articulated Icon: The Feudal Series Kickstarter.

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