‘Arrow’ Episode 9 “Year’s End” Images — Are We Looking at Merlyn?

television-news-and-talkThe CW released some new images today, they are from Arrow, Episode 9 “Year’s End.” And the buzz about these images is the mysterious archer featured in them. No, not Oliver Queen/Arrow, but a different archer. The question is, could we be looking at Merlyn? If you have been watching the show so far, you probably caught that Oliver Queen’s best friend is named, Tommy Merlyn. So this wouldn’t be a stretch to think this could be Merlyn, but as far as we know, Tommy has no fighting skills (that we have seen). Smallville fans will recall, there was a character named Vordigan The Dark Archer in a couple of episodes, and he was based on Merlyn.

Regardless, it great to see the show continue with introducing interesting supporting characters to the show at a regular pace and not dragging their feet. I’ve mirrored a couple of the new images here, but you can check out more over at GreenArrowTV.com here. Also be sure to tune in on Wednesday for the latest episode of Arrow, which features the introduction of The Huntress! (Source: GreenArrowTV)

arrow-episode-9-year-end-image-01 arrow-episode-9-year-end-image-02

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