Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Crysis 3 and Splinter Cell 4″ Figures Coming from Gameforged

toy-news-and-talkA couple of years ago, Gamestars was producing some pretty decent looking Crysis 2 figures, and was set to produce a Ghost Recon line too. But unfortunately they went under. Now it seems a company called Gameforged is looking to pick up the 1/18th scale gaming figure market. According to Toyark forum member d2eux who discovered listings for some upcoming action figures from Gameforged. The information comes from a New Zealand gaming store called Mighty Ape. These new listings, with preliminary packaging images, are for 4-inch video game action figures of Army of Two: The Devi’s Cartel 2-Pack with Alpha & Bravo Figures, a Crysis 3 Prophet Nanosuit Figure and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Sam Fisher Figure. The Mighty Ape site lists each figure for release on July 20th in New Zealand, so it is unknown when we’ll see an US release. (Via ToyArk)

army-of-two-the-devils-cartel-alpha-and-bravo-figures-2-pack crysis-3-prophet-nanosuit-figure tom-clancys-splinter-cell-sam-fisher-figure

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