Are You A Fan of Shogun Warriors and Jumbo Machinders? Then Check Out The Project: Vulkira Kickstarter

toy-news-and-talkIf you are a fan of Shogun Warriors and Jumbo Machinders, then you need to check out Project: Vulkira Kickstarter. Creator Eric Smith is aiming to capture the spirit of these classic Japanese robots from childhoods past. Project: Vulkira is an 8″ vinyl robot that will be a limited run.

However, if successful, Smith is hoping to produce a 24″ vintage jumbo style Vulkira in the future. But before he can get there, he needs help in making a successful run at this 8″ version. So check out the Project: Vulkira Kickstarter for more information and pledge today! A big thanks to Jon from for the heads up on this cool project.


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