Are We Getting Closer to A New ‘Heroes For Hire’ Comic Series and Movie from Marvel?

hollywood-movie-newsIf there is anyone that fans should pay attention to when he talks, it is Jeph Loeb. The man just loves to share. And in an interview with BuzzFeed, Loeb talks about the new season of Ultimate Spider-Man that is debuting this coming Monday. During the interview he mentions that Heroes for Hire is being looked at as another potential movie (or TV series) project by Marvel Studios.

“Just like we just announced Guardians of the Galaxy, we are certainly looking at the Heroes for Hire franchise which is Luke Cage and Iron Fist.”

Also, Bleeding Cool goes on to mention that there is very likely a new Heroes for Hire comic book series coming this year by Brian Michael-Bendis and possibly fan-favorite artist Adam Hughes, but that is just rumor. Since Luke Cage and Iron Fist are not on any of the new Avengers team books, this seems like a strong possibility. We could see Cage’s wife Jessica Jones join the group too, which is interesting considering that a detective TV series featuring the character (AKA Jessica Jones) is being shopped around currently. I know I would welcome a new Heroes for Hire series. Cage and Iron Fist are some favorite characters of mine and I would most certainly welcome a movie or TV project featuring them too. What do you think? (Source: BuzzFeed and Bleeding Cool)

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