Are Valiant Figures Coming from David Vonner And Mystery Company?

toy-news-and-talkOnce again, site contributor and fellow toy collector, Cordicon, posted an interesting image to Twitter just now. The image is of a very shadowy looking figure, but if you look closely on the chest, you can make out the Shadowman logo from the Valiant comics Shadowman series. Cordicon also mentions David Vonner, whom we’ve seen some interesting tweets from lately, all pretty cryptic. So it looks like after being let go from Hasbro where he worked on the Marvel Universe line, landing at Jazwares to work on the Mortal Kombat line and departing soon after over creative differences, has landed somewhere else now. Where exactly? That still remains a mystery, but where he is, they look to be doing a line of action figures based on the new Valiant Universe of comic book characters.


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