‘Appleseed Alpha’ Official Trailer

hollywood-movie-newsAppleseed was the first manga I was introduced to back in the late ’80s. I instantly fell in love with Masamune Shirow’s work. I later discovered some of his other works, Black Magic M-66, Dominion Tank Police and Ghost in the Shell.

When the first Ghost in the Shell movie arrived in theaters I was in awe at the production on it and desperately wanted to see Appleseed get the same treatment. Unfortunately it has only partially been done. It has had two movies, one was done in 1988 and the second, Appleseed Ex Machina, was CGI and not entirely that great.

Now we are about to have a third movie. Appleseed Alpha. Once again it is CG-animated, but does look better than its predecessors. Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the first trailer for the upcoming movie which you can check out below. Appleseed Alpha will be available on Blu-ray and DVD July 22, with an advance Digital release on July 15.


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