‘Ant Man’ Teaser Footage Leaked

hollywood-movie-newsLast year during the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios teased fans with some early Ant-Man movie footage. Not sure if this is actual footage from the movie or more of a proof of concept type thing, regardless it looks pretty cool. The same footage was shown at Adam Buxton: The Best of BUG event that took place earlier this month in London and it seems an audience member managed to capture it on camera. So while the quality is certainly not great, it is worth checking out. Watch it while you can, I’m sure this will be disappearing very quickly. Ant-Man is tentatively set to be released on November 6th, 2015. (Via MarvelousNews)

UPDATE: The first source, YouTube, has already been removed due to copyright claims. Here is a second source. Enjoy while you can.

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