Another Look at Those Injustice 3.75″ Green Arrow & Deathstroke Figures

toy-news-and-talkThanks to the latest Ask DC Collectibles, we are getting another look at those upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us 3.75″ Green Arrow and Deathstroke figures. The first of two 2-packs of figures be offered this April. The other set is a Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy 2-Pack. DC Collectibles promises a wide variety of character offerings to come too. Also, when asked about releasing up-scaled versions of the figures, they respond with no plans to do so, but:

“And if you are looking for a larger scale Injustice offering, check out what Mattel will be producing this year in their DC Unlimited line.”

It sounds like we could possibly be seeing Injustice 6-inch versions of characters in Mattel’s DC Unlimited line. I’m all for it. (Source: DC Comics)

UPDATE: I’m being told that the Mattel DC Unlimited Injustice figures were already announced last year. This was new to me, as it was the first I heard of it. Regardless, expect to see 6-inch versions of some of the characters too.


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