Another Look at the Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series 1 in Packaging

toy-news-and-talkA couple of weeks ago, I posted a look at the, Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series 1 packaging, now Diamond Select Toys has posted better images showing off the first series of Star Trek Legacy Minimates figures in their packaging. The images are of the specialty store assortment, which along with the Toys R Us Exclusive Sets, round out Series 1. The specialty store assortment includes 2-packs featuring Admiral Kirk & Khan (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Captain Picard & Borg Queen (Star Trek: First Contact), Captain Sisko & Jem Hadar (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Captain Archer & Xindi (Star Trek: Enterprise). Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series 1 will be available on June 12th at local retailer near you, so place your pre-orders today. Meanwhile, check out the image mirrored below. (Source: Art Asylum Blog)

dst-star-trek-minimates-series-1-admiral-kirk-and-khan dst-star-trek-minimates-series-1-capt-archer-and-dolim dst-star-trek-minimates-series-1-capt-picard-and-borg-queen dst-star-trek-minimates-series-1-capt-sisko-and-jem-hadar

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