Another Look At The Glyos System Bio-Masters Bio-Mass Mutant!

toy-news-and-talkI can’t even emphasis how excited I am for Pat Bussey’s upcoming Bio-Masters line-up. Utilizing the Glyos System and sculpting from Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen, these figures just scream fun to me. Today images of a new prototype for the Bio-Mutant have been shared.

I believe the green shown is just for the prototype, but I’m really liking it. Works perfectly for the figure. Check out the new images below. Hopefully Bussey will have the first of his Bio-Masters line available later this summer. (Source: Facebook)

bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-01 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-02 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-03 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-04 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-05 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-06 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-07 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-08 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-09 bio-mass-bio-mutant-prototype-green-061514-10

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