Another Look at Deathstroke from The CW’s ‘Arrow’

television-news-and-talkLast week finally got a better look at Deathstroke from an upcoming episode of the ‘Arrow‘ TV series. Played by Jeffrey Robinson, Deathstroke will appear in the fifth episode titled, “Damaged” which will air some time in November. And now thanks once again to GreenArrowTV, we get a pretty good look at Jeffrey Robinson in action from that episode, in a series of images released by CW. I’ve mirrored the ones with Deathstroke here, but there are still quite a few more images from the episode over at the GreenArrowTV fan site. (Source: GreenArrowTV)

arrow-episode-5-damaged-jeffrey-robinson-as-deathstroke-01 arrow-episode-5-damaged-jeffrey-robinson-as-deathstroke-02 arrow-episode-5-damaged-jeffrey-robinson-as-deathstroke-03 arrow-episode-5-damaged-jeffrey-robinson-as-deathstroke-04 arrow-episode-5-damaged-jeffrey-robinson-as-deathstroke-05 arrow-episode-5-damaged-jeffrey-robinson-as-deathstroke-06

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