Another Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Upcoming Aliens Series Nostromo Suit from NECA

toy-news-and-talkYou just have to love NECA. Probably the best toy company around that truly engages the collectors and shares with us behind-the-scenes looks at their upcoming product. This evening they shared their third sneak peek look at the Aliens Series Dallas Arthur in the Nostromo Suit.

Also known as the MK-Compression Suit, it was worn by the crew, or more specifically the Captain of the USCSS Nostromo in this case, in the 1979 Alien film. We should be seeing a final form for the Aliens Series Dallas figure at Toy Fair in a couple of weeks. (Source: Twitter)

neca-aliens-series-nostromo-suit-prototype-sculpt-preview neca-aliens-series-nostromo-suit-prototype-sneak-peek neca-aliens-seriess-nostromo-space-suit

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