Angry Birds Go! Cart Racer for iOS Coming On December 11th

video-games-gaming-newsRovio announced the release date for the next Angry Bird themed game, and released a trailer for Angry Birds Go!. This latest game which is due to arrive for iOS devices just in time for he holidays, might look a bit like another popular franchise to many.

If you have ever played a Mario Kart game, then Angry Birds Go! probably looks familiar. By the looks of things, it is shaping up to be a worthy contender for your money. The iconic birds get behind the wheel of makeshift vehicles in an attempt to best one another using their driving skills and special powers. The vehicles are customizable and with the game having in-app purchases available, expect to be able to customize your ride in unique ways.

Angry Birds Go! will be available on December 11th for iOS devices, and I’m sure an Android release will soon follow.


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