And Today’s Marvel NOW! Teasers, “Birth” and “I Scream” Are Head-Scratchers

comic-book-newsContinuing the barrage of Marvel NOW! teasers, Marvel has posted two new ones for today (at least so far). The first one appears to be announcing an artist change on the relaunched Deadpool title. The odd part of the teaser is, the art isn’t by the incoming artist. The art is by Art Adams, not Mike Hawthorne whom is supposed to be replacing Tony Moore on art duties. Maybe this is just a variant cover of sorts, but still odd they wouldn’t use art by Hawthorne.

The next teaser is pretty cryptic, just like the “XX” teaser from Monday. Just one word, “Birth,” is all we get. The creative team is Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi. Which will make for a pretty cool creative team, but what does “Birth” pertain to? A new character? A new team? Only time will tell on this one. (Via Newsarama)

marvel-now-deadpool-i-scream-teaser marvel-now-birth-teaser-aaron-bianchi

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