And The “G.I. Joe Special Ops” Mystery Grows

toy-news-and-talkOver the weekend, Joe fans were teased with a mysterious surprise of some new G.I. Joe product. Thanks to a Toys R Us computer listing we know there is line of “G.I. Joe Special Ops” figures and vehicles (including a Tomahawk) heading to retail. But that is all we know at this time. And to further add to the tease of this mystery, 46 Zone of the forums took a picture (mirrored below) today of a Target product peg price tag, which says “G.I. Joe Special Ops” Figure Single Pack, priced at $4.99 on it. This certainly doesn’t reveal any new information, but what it does tell us is two things, first Target will also be carrying this new line of G.I. Joe product and two, so not a store exclusive. It also tells us these are going to be hitting retail much sooner than later. I think it is pretty much a guarantee Hasbro will be showing us what “G.I. Joe Special Ops” is, at their Pre-Toy Fair Hasbro Fan Event this coming Saturday. So stay tuned for more details! (Source: HissTank)


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