An Update on the Legandary Monsters 3.75″ Figures From Nevermore Toys

toy-news-and-talkLast month I posted about an interesting Kickstarter project that featured action figures based on monsters of urban legend. At that time, toy designer Richard T. Broadwater and his Nevermore Toys, were trying to raise quite a bit of money to get these figures into production. Well since then, the project has been updated, and now has a more realistic and obtainable goal. The new goal is for $25,000 and they currently sit at $8,000 from backers. With this update though, things have changed up a bit, instead of the deluxe figure sets, they will just be doing the monster figures themselves. But, they are now offering them in regular and glow-in-the-dark option too. So if you were interested in these before, I suggest checking the Kickstarter project out again.

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