An Early Christmas Gift From NECA, Sneak Peek at Pacific Rim Cherno Alpha, Plus Planet of the Apes

toy-news-and-talkAs an early Christmas gift, NECA has given fans a sneak peek at two highly anticipated figures. First up is an image (a small one) of a prototype of the Pacific Rim Series 3 Cherno Alpha Jaeger Figure. And up second is a sculpt of one of the Planet of the Apes figures, the Gorilla Soldier. Both look absolutely fantastic.

Lastly, they shared a design drawing of some weapons and asked if we could guess who they belong to. A few have already said the Renegade Predator from the vintage Kenner line. So it looks like the Predators based on the Kenner figures will be continuing on.

Also Looks like I’ll be sinking my money into another series from NECA with that Planet of the Apes line. You can check out the images mirrored below. Enjoy the early gifts! (Source: Twitter)

neca-pacific-rim-series-3-cherno-alpha-prototype-sneak-peek neca-planet-of-the-apes-gorilla-soldier-prototype-sneak-peek neca-predator-series-renegade-predator-weapons-design-drawing

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