Agents of SHIELD Viral Video Campaign

television-news-and-talkLast week early Friday, a viral video appeared online for Agents of SHIELD ahead of the announcement the show was picked up to series by ABC. It was quickly pulled down, but not before a few others managed to snag it and repost it online. But each attempt to repost it was met with a copyright claim removal. So it didn’t stay online long. Well since then, it has been announced the show will be apart of ABC’s fall line-up and we have already seen the first promo trailer for Agents of SHIELD. And now it seems the viral video has re-appeared online, along with a few others. You can watch them all below. There are also a series of SHIELD ID cards that have been posted online here (mirrored below). So it looks like the marketing campaign for Agents of SHIELD is starting to kick into gear. (Via Blastr & Bleeding Cool)

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