ABC Reported to be Picking Up ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ For A Series, Trailer To Premiere Soon

television-news-and-talkI think for the most part this was a give in, but it is being reported by TVbyTheNumbers that a reliable source has said, ABC has picked up Agents of SHIELD for a series. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone with the amount of attention and effort being put into the pilot. So once the official announcement comes down (which could even be today), expect much more to come out about the show. The source is also stating that the first promo will air during before the season finale of Once Upon a Time on ABC. Which is this coming Sunday, May 12th at 8pm EST. So we could will be getting our first glimpse of the show in just a couple of days.

In addition to that news, a viral video made its way online last night for the show, but it seems that it was a bit premature. It has since been removed. Same goes for any attempt at others trying to mirror it. But a screenshot (see below) that was taken from it, shows a blurry rampaging Hulk. Hopefully some kind of tease of what to expect from the show. Stay tuned for more Agents of SHIELD info as it becomes available. (Source: TVbyTheNumbers via Bleeding Cool)

UPDATE: Official word has been reported, the series has been picked up by ABC. (Source: THR)

agents-of-shield-cast-photo shield-tv-series-viral-video-screenshot-the-hulk

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