A Third Time’s the Charm for Legandary Monsters 3.75″ Figures From Nevermore Toys

toy-news-and-talkA while back, I mentioned an interesting Kickstarter project that I posted that featured action figures based on some monsters based on urban legend. At that time, toy designer Richard T. Broadwater and his Nevermore Toys, were trying to raise quite a bit of money to get these figures into production. Then, the project had been updated, and set a more realistic and obtainable goal of $25,000. At least I thought so, but it fell short by $10,000 of its goal.

Now they are back with another update and things have changed up a bit. Instead of just the four figures, there is now a card/board game to go with it. And with that addition, it seems that they have achieved success in funding this time. Though the glow-in-the-dark versions of the four Legendary Monsters figures look to no longer be an option. Which I think is just fine. Strange that the addition of a card game helped get this project finally funded. Guess card games are bigger than I thought. Congratulations to Richard Broadwater and Nevermore Toys.

There is still time to help fun this project and ensure you get a monster or two (or more if you choose). So if you were interested in these before, I suggest checking the Kickstarter project out again. (Thanks to Philip Reed for reminding about it)

legendary-mosnters-game-and-collectible-figures-art legendary-monsters-game-and-collectible-figures legendary-monsters-game-and-collectible-figures-01 legendary-monsters-game-and-collectible-figure-02

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