A Sneak Peek Look at ‘Amazing X-Men’ #1 — The Return of Nightcrawler!

comic-book-newsFollowing the events of Battle of the Atom, some of the X-Men attempt to rescue one of their own in an all-new series, Amazing X-Men. This new series is written by Jason Aaron (Wolverine and The X-Men) and Ed McGuiness (Nova). Have you been wondering where the little blue Bamf creatures came from? What is their tie to the fallen Nightcrawler? There is more to these mischievous little guys than you know. Find out how far the X-Men will go to rescue the “heart and soul” of their family in Amazing X-Men #1 which goes on sale Wednesday, November 6th. In the meantime, check out the preview of this series below. (Source: Marvel)

amazing-x-men-1-preview-01 amazing-x-men-1-preview-02 amazing-x-men-1-preview-03 amazing-x-men-1-preview-04 amazing-x-men-1-preview-05

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