A Quick Look Back and Forward at KUNG FURY!

kung-fury-comic-web-series-promo-artLast week it was revealed that Kung Fury is getting a web-comic series. No details are available yet, but this should be a fun look into the insane world of Kung Fury, along with his friends and foes.

This got me thinking that I never shared my thoughts on the Kung Fury Official Short. I posted about the original Kickstarter for the project and shared many of the updates as well. But when it was released back at the end of May, I never commented on what I thought of the final product.

Well, let’s change that. Today I decided to re-watch the movie and share some thoughts on it.

First and foremost, Kung Fury can be summed up in one word, insane.

There is no real logic to this action-comedy, but that doesn’t matter. That is what it embraces to its fullest extend and does it oh so brilliantly I might add.

Paying homage to the violent action movies of the 80’s, Kung Fury dives right into a world of chaos as we see that everything goes in this fictitious setting of 1985 Miami. The criminals are as extreme and violent as many found in movies like the original RoboCop or Stallone’s Cobra. Speaking of Cobra, I felt as though this was a big influence in this movie. Go watch that and then watch Kung Fury and let me know what you think.

The opening action scene with Fury taking on a rampaging arcade video game robot just revels in the 80’s over-the-top action, with scene after scene of fighting and guns shooting.

The rest of the movie continues to be just as insane, with Hitler traveling to the future and killing a bunch of police officers by shooting into 80’s style cell phone. Then Kung Fury decides he needs to travel back in time to kill Hitler. This is set off track when he goes too far back and ending up in the Viking era with laser dinosaurs and women Vikings with machine guns. Yeah, it makes no sense, but it is actually pretty funny.

I’m not going to go into how this chaos ends, that should be for you to find out by watching it.

The Good: If you love the 80’s, then this is filled with all kinds of references to it. From boom boxes, to a Power Glove, to a talking Lamborghini Countach, the references are subtle to obvious ones and scattered throughout.

The Bad: Too short. It is only 30 minutes long. The plot is total chaos and doesn’t make much sense as it jumps around, but this is also accepted and fans don’t care.

Overall, just know that this isn’t the end of Kung Fury, the creators behind the project, Laser Unicorns have more planned.

My only question is, where is that Kung Fury cartoon at?

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