A Look at Traveler Skeleden, the Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter Exclusive Figure

toy-news-and-talkIf you have checked out the Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter project, the you might have seen the Traveler Skeleden exclusive Glyos System figure already. Well you would have seen a silhouetted image of the figure. Now Matt Doughty of Onell Design has shared a few images of a Traveler Skeleden prototype and it looks pretty damn cool.

I’m hoping that the Skeleton Warriors finds its funding, right now it is just over half way and has 12 days left. If it doesn’t, I hope Doughty will still release this figure down the road. Check out the images of the Traveler Skeleden figure below. More previews are still to come!

onell-design-glyos-system-skeledon-preview-01 onell-design-glyos-system-skeledon-preview-02 onell-design-glyos-system-skeledon-preview-03

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