When Transformers: Prime ended in 2013, fans were left wondering what would come next. At the time we didn’t know that what would follow would be for the most part, a direct sequel to that series. Transformers: Robots In Disguise picks up an undisclosed number of years after the events of Transformers: Prime Predacons Rising, featuring Bumblebee in the leadership role.

The series features designs very similar to that in Prime, but the 3D animation used is a less rendered approach. The animation uses a combination of 3D animated characters on top of 2D backgrounds. From this standpoint, it looks gorgeous with the two nicely complementing each other. My only issue with the 3D animated part might be the humans, which in children’s shows seems to always be an issue.

The Good: It nicely captures the spirit of the Transformers brand and delivers it in an entertaining package for a younger audience. If you have a young Transformers fan in your family, then this will make for a great addition to DVD library. The menu is not overly complicated and easy to navigate with the first five episodes of Season 1 on it. There is one bonus extra on the disc, a behind-the-scenes look at the production for the series.

The Bad: If you are an adult Transformers fan, I don’t know how much enjoyment you will get out of this series. It feels closer to Transformers: Rescue Robots than then its predecessor, Transformers: Prime.

Overall I do recommended this DVD, but for a younger audience. I just don’t know how much adults will enjoy this series, beside we have the Transformers: Combiner Wars series coming from Machinima and that is meant to be for older Transformers fans. This DVD went on sale this week with a SRP of $14.93, you can pick it up locally at Walmart, or online through Amazon.

As I mentioned, included on the Transformers: Robots In Disguise: A New Autobot Mission DVD is a behind-the-scenes look at the series where cast and crew, including: Michael Vogel, Scooter Tidwell, Adam Beechen, Stephen Davis, David Hartman, José López, Jeff Kline, Theresa Trujillo, Vincent Toyama, Christopher Vacher, Frank Marino, Todd Waterman, Constance Zimmer, Ted McGinley, and Khary Payton. There are some cool things to check out in this quick look at the production of the series.

I’d like to thank Shout! Factory for this DVD review sample.

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