A Look At The Final Sculpt On The JoeCon 2015 Exclusive Con Set Iron Grenadiers Iron Anvil Figure

During the unveiling of the JoeCon 2015 Exclusive Con Set figures last month, a lot of what we saw was Photoshopped mockups. Some included 3D renderings in place of new parts. This included the head sculpt for the new Iron Anvil figure, which the sculpting was done by Boss Fight Studio. Today, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club shared with fans a couple of images showing the final production figure and the figure looks great. Not one that I must have for my collection, but for those that are looking to add it, it will make a nice addition to their collections. The 2015 JoeCon is a week away starting on April 9th through the 12th in Springfield, IL.

joecon-2015-exclusive-con-set-iron-grenadiers-iron-anvil--final-production-figure-head-shot joecon-2015-exclusive-con-set-iron-grenadiers-iron-anvil-final-production-figure

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