A Look at The Final JoeCon 2015 Exclusive Tiger Force Stalker and Iron Grenadiers General Mayhem

Today the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posted images of the final production figures for Tiger Force Stalker and Iron Grenadiers General Mayhem. The figures in the convention sets will appear as they do in the images below. The did turn out pretty great. Some definite fantastic work by Boss Fight Studio. JoeCon is in a week and half, from April 9th to the 12th in Springfield, IL.

For those attending, be forewarned as the prices for the convention attendee souvenirs have gone up substantially. Try almost a 100% over last year’s prices. There will also be no parachute figure available to attendees this year either. Fred Meyer of JoeBattlelines wrote up an excellent piece on this situation and the current state of how the Club is mishandling things. I don’t know if I could write a piece without sounding extremely negative over the GIJCC. So I’ll leave it to Fred to say pretty much what I feel too.

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