A Look at Power Lords Elite Soldier V2 and Power Soldier V2 Figures

toy-news-and-talkThe Four Horsemen have shared some new photos that show off the Power Lords Elite Soldier V2 and Power Soldier V2. At least I’m assuming these are “version 2″. They say these are the going to be the next color schemes of these figures. Also mentioned is that they are thinking of having pre-orders for these figures start in mid-November or around then. If interested, let them know in the Source Horsemen forums.

Along with these new Power Lords figures, they received production samples of the second run of the first releases on the white Elite Soldier and the black Power Soldier that were sold at Power-Con and then pre-orders taken on their site for. They shared that those of us who pre-ordered them, are going to be very happy with them. Can’t wait to see them! (Source: SourceHorsemen.com)

power-lords-elite-soldier-and-power-soldier-01 power-lords-elite-soldier-and-power-soldier-02 power-lords-elite-soldier-and-power-soldier-heads

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