A Look at Funko POP! Vinyl Original Series Star Trek Figures

toy-news-and-talkThese actually popped up a couple of weeks ago, but completely slipped by me. Funko is expanding their POP! Vinyl line-up once again. Their latest offerings are vinyl figures based on characters from the original Star Trek series. Six figures from the series are being are up for pre-order, Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, a Klingon, an Andorian and an Orion Slave Girl. They stand 3.75″ tall and will cost $9.99 each. You can pre-order them from online retailer Entertainment Earth by using the links* below.

funko-pop-vinyl-star-trek-captain-kirk-figure funko-pop-vinyl-star-trek-spock-figure funko-pop-vinyl-star-trek-scotty-figure funko-pop-vinyl-star-trek-klingon-figure funko-pop-vinyl-star-trek-orion-slave-girl-figure funko-pop-vinyl-star-trek-andorian-figure

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