A Gremlins Reunion With A First Look At The Empire Magazine Photoshoot

hollywood-movie-newsFeatured in the August issue of Empire magazine is a 30th Anniversary look at the cult classic movie, Gremlins. Featured is a look at the crew and cast 30 years later, which you can see in the image below. I love seeing this kind of stuff, even though it reminds me of how old I am now. Geez, 30 years already? There is also an excerpt of the interview with Gremlins creator Chris Walas and director Joe Dante here, with more in the magazine.

This issue is on sale now, for those in North America, your best bet is getting the magazine digitally. Otherwise it will be a while before Barnes & Noble or others that carry it actually get this issue. Also don’t forget that it features a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy too. (Source: Empire Online)


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