A Great Look at ‘Killzone: Mercenary’ from Latest Developer Diary Video

video-games-gaming-newsOne of the main reasons I picked the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360 was the Killzone game series. It had/has everything that I wanted in a game. Well just almost everything. And I was glad I made that choice. And last year when it was announced that Killzone: Mercenary was coming out, I got pretty excited until I found out it was a PS Vita game. Not that I have anything wrong with the PS Vita, I just don’t own one. And coupled with the fact that the game is really starting to look just awesome, it kind of bummed me out.

Now the other day, developer Gorilla Games Cambridge released a developer diary video with Creative Director Tom Jones (no, not that Tom Jones) and let’s just say it didn’t help matters in my envy of wanting to play this game. It looks awesome. Using a modified version of the Killzone 3 engine, it really delivers an amazing looking experience for handheld gaming. In Killzone: Mercenary, the story takes places right after the first Killzone, and part of the story runs parallel to that of Killzone 2. So check out the developer diary video below, it reveals a great deal about the game and shows off some great looking footage. Killzone: Mercenary is set for release on September 17th, 2013. (Source: PlayStation Blog)

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