A First Look at Worlds Best Robots First Release Under 3AGO

toy-news-and-talkNot sure if this is a growing trend lately or what, but I’m definitely okay with it if it is. 3A has unveiled a new line of Worlds Best Robots (WBR) under their new 3AGO banner that show heavy influence of classic Japanese robots like Shogun Warriors and Machinders. The latest in the WBR comes three robots: Mars, Romulus and Remus. Each robot stands 25″ tall.

There is also a BBICN 3A Guangzhou Exclusive: Worlds Best Robots Ghost of Guangzhou Mars 3AGO figure too. I’m not seeing any other details at this time, but I would suspect we’ll learn more about these great looking robots very soon. (Source: 3A)

3ago-worlds-best-robots-preview 3ago-world-of-robots-remus-preview 3ago-worlds-best-robots-bbicn-guangzhou-exclusive

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