A First look at ‘Star Wars Rebels’ New “Cowboy Jedi” Kanan

television-news-and-talkOver at USA Today this evening, they have introduced another of the Star Wars Rebels characters. The newest member of the Star Wars universe is Kanan, who is a gunslinger full of bravado and the Force, and one of the new main characters. Kanan is voiced by Freddie Prince Jr. and I want to know when did he get so old-looking?

It is revealed that Kanan has to keep things on the down-low. He must keep his lightsaber under lock and key and brandishes a blaster instead to avoid the attention of the Empire, especially one in particular, the Inquisitor. He is also the captain of the new ship featured in Rebels, the Ghost. You can head on over to the USA Today site and check out some more details about Kanan, the latest character from Star Wars Rebels. (Source: USA Today)


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