A First Look At ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ With Official E3 Trailer

video-games-gaming-newsWhen it as announced last year that EA and DICE would be handling the Star Wars video game franchise I began to smile from ear to ear. I could just picture a Star Wars game that looked and played like Battlefield. When announced it was said we wouldn’t be seeing anything from it for a while. So that wait was going to be a killer.

Today, at E3, EA and DICE showed their first trailer for their Star Wars: Battlefront game, and what little we get to see, it looks awesome. The trailer takes us into the DICE studio where they discuss the research and the lengths they have gone for it. There is also a tease of game footage and it looks so good. Check it all out below and prepare to drool in anticipation. Star Wars: Battlefront will be released some time in 2015.

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