A First Look at NECA’s New and Improved Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger V2 Figure

toy-news-and-talkOkay, I know, it is a bit misleading, there is only control art available with a comparison image utilizing Gipsy Danger V1 to give a feel of what fans can expect, but still this is great news. I also know some are saying we already got a Gipsy Danger, we don’t need another. Well that is partially true.

See the first version, although a great figure, was only somewhat the figure it could have been. For those that don’t know, Walmart was supposed to carry the line, but then backed out. What does that have to do with it? Well NECA made some cuts to the figures to keep costs down so Walmart would carry them and sell them at a reasonable price. And when they backed out and it was too late to make changes. Which is also why we are getting a Knifehead V2 figure in Series 3.

So, NECA is going back to give us a proper Gipsy Danger figure. Version 2 is due to arrive in late summer in Series 5. This follows Series 4 which is a Kaiju series with Scunner and Axehead. Fans can look for Pacific Rim Series 3 on shelves very soon as they are shipping this week. Series 3 will be broken into two assortments — Kaiju: Battle Damaged Knifehead (V2) and Tresspasser, along with Jaegers Cherno Alpha and Coyote Tango. Definitely some great news if you are a fan of Pacific Rim. (Source: Figures.com)

neca-pacific-rim-gipsy-danger-v2-design-front neca-pacific-rim-gipsy-danger-v2-design-back neca-pacific-rim-gipsy-danger-v2-jaeger-comparison-image

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