A First Look at Fringe Alumnus Seth Gabel as The Count on ‘Arrow’

television-news-and-talkFringe may be ending this Friday with the series finale episode, but Seth Gabel will be continuing on in another series. Gabel joins the cast of Arrow with the January 30th episode titled Vertigo. He will be playing DC comics character and Green Arrow villain, The Count. Though in the comics he is called Count Vertigo, the character has been renamed to just The Count and the drug that is overtaking Starling City is called Vertigo. Arrow continues to show its roots that are from comic books by introducing yet another character from the pages of them. What do you think? (Source: TV Guide)

arrow-episode-12-vertigo-debuts-seth-gabel-as-the-count-01 arrow-episode-12-vertigo-debuts-seth-gabel-as-the-count-02 count-vertigo

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