A First Look at Diamond Select’s The Wolverine Minmates

toy-news-and-talkThe Wolverine movie is in theaters in just one week, but today we are getting our first look at Diamond Select’s The Wolverine Minimates. Coming to both comic shops and specialty stores, along with an exclusive Toys R Us assortment as part of Marvel Minimates Series 52. Specialty shops and comic stores will be getting exclusive figures of Viper and Mariko plus:

  • Wolverine (Black Suit) & Mariko Yashida
  • Wolverine (Street Fight) & Shingen Yashida
  • Viper & Hand Ninja
  • Urban Yukio & Hand Ninja

And at Toys R Us, fans will get two new Wolverine outfits, an alternate look for Yukio, and an exclusive figure of the ninja Harada:

  • Wolverine (Black Suit) & Hand Ninja
  • Wolverine (Street Fight) & Shingen Yashida
  • Wolverine (Prisoner) & Kenuichio Harada
  • Wolverine (Yukon) & Ninja Yukio

The Wolverine Minimates figures are expected to arrive at comic shops and specialty stores in early August. Pre-order this latest series at your specialty store today. (Source: CBM)

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