A Clip of DC Nation’s DC Shorts: Doom Patrol “Challenge of the Timeless Commander”

television-news-and-talkDoom Patrol. Not exactly a DC property I would have expected to see in animated form. Not that I think it is bad or anything, just interesting to see a more obscure property (at least these days it is) animated. But here it is. This Saturday, during DC Nation, Doom Patrol will be featured in a DC Short, in chapter 1 of “Challenge of the Timeless Commander“. Check out a couple of still images and a video clip from the DC Short below. Then be sure to watch on Saturday, August 24 at 10am EST on Cartoon Network. (Source: DC / Images: ToonZone)

dc-nation-dc-short-doom-patrol-chapter-1-still-image-01 dc-nation-dc-short-doom-patrol-chapter-1-still-image-02

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