A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Power Lords Sydot Sculpt

toy-news-and-talkThe Four Horsemen have been doing a pretty cool series called, “Desk Jockey,” where they are showing the steps in the creation process of a figure sculpt. The figure they are showing is the Power Lords Sydot.

It is a pretty cool process to see step-by-step. Especially from talented Four Horsemen. I’ve mirrored a few images here, but there are more at their site to check out, along with details of the process. Also check out the latest image that shows the Sydot sculpt next to Adam/Lord Power and Ggripptogg figures. Very much looking forward to the release of the figures, can’t get here fast enough. (Source: Four Horsemen)

power-lords-sydot-sculpting-process-01 power-lords-sydot-sculpting-process-02 power-lords-sydot-sculpting-process-03 power-lords-sydot-sculpting-process-04 power-lords-sydot-sculpting-process-05

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