The ’89 Batman Blu-ray Diamond Luxe Edition with NECA Figure In Stores Friday, Dec. 12th!

Last week a mind-bomb was dropped on fans as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment posted for pre-order the 1989 Batman Blu-ray Diamond Luxe Edition. But what got most fans excited for this special edition, was the fact it was coming with NECA’s 7″ Batman figure! Prior to this, NECA’s only offering of the ’89 Batman was their 1/4th scale or an 8-bit version based on the classic Nintendo game. The first pre-orders quickly broke the internet as many would say, it was taken down only to be put back up again.

NECA soon after announced that it would be available at Toys R Us stores in limited quantities and for fans to keep an eye out for it. Well now, they have given fans a date. You can now start looking for the 1989 Batman Blu-ray Diamond Luxe Edition with NECA 7″ Batman figure starting on Friday, December 12th! Some are even posting they are already finding it at their local stores. So your mileage may vary. Good luck and happy hunting! (Source: Facebook)

batman-diamond-luxe-blu-ray-with-limited-edition-figure-01 batman-diamond-luxe-blu-ray-with-limited-edition-figure

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