481 Universe Spectre Mimic Leyden and Hades Forces Revealed For Upcoming Sale

toy-news-and-talkThe 481 Universe reveals continue. Yesterday we got a look at the first of the upcoming offerings in April’s sale, now today we get a few more reveals. Up first is the Glow In The Dark Leyden, or as it has been designated, Spectre Mimic Leyden. Along with the new Leyden comes the Hades force representatives from the 481 Universe, Nach and Midur.

These feature some of the new parts that we recently got a look at, all done up in a great black, green and glow in the dark color options. There is one more color option to unveiled. Then everything goes on sale on Sunday, April 6th at 8pm EST. (Source: 481 Universe)

481-universe-leyden-gitd-april-sale-01 481-universe-leyden-gitd-april-sale-02 481-universe-nach-and-midur-gitd-april-sale-01 481-universe-nach-and-midur-gitd-april-sale-02481-universe-nach-gitd-april-sale-01 481-universe-nach-gitd-april-sale-02 481-universe-midur-gitd-april-sale-01 481-universe-midur-gitd-april-sale-02

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